The Iris Nebula – Caldwell 4, NGC 7023

The Iris Nebula is a reflection nebula in the northern sky’s constellation Cepheus. It’s roughly 6 light years across and 1400 light years from Earth. The bright nebula core is surrounded by a huge area of dark dust that I previously haven’t had much luck capturing because of how faint it is.

To bring out the detail in the dust, I captured 22 hours of images for this from my back yard over 4 nights this week.

You can see the full sized image here.

Explore Scientific ED127 refractor
Hotech SCA flattener
STF-8300C camera (no filter)
Losmandy G11 mount
264x 300sec sub-exposures (22hr) from my Bortle ~5 backyard Captured in NINA
Processed in Siril, GraXpert, Photoshop & NXT

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