M42 – The Orion Nebula After My OnStep & Pier Upgrade

I just finished processing my first image after some recent astronomy upgrades. This fall, I gutted my telescope mount and rebuilt all the mechanical & electronic parts. My telescope is now permanently mounted in our back yard on a pier my brother designed & made. The new setup is tons better than lugging the tripod and all the equipment out every time I want to image. It now only takes me less than 5 minutes to start imaging each day.

This is the Orion Nebula, Messier 42. I gathered almost 20 hours of data from my back yard for this and processed it using an HOO palette.


  • Explore Scientific ED127
  • Celestron CGEM with OnStepX (wifi, GPS, weather, automated dew heaters)
  • SBIG STF-8300C with an Optolong L-eXtreme filter
  • Bold MFG pier
  • Quieter 3C miniPC with NINA
  • 117x 600s subframes
  • Processed in Siril, Photoshop, BXT & NXT

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