M82 Supernova SN2014J

A few days ago, a Type Ia supernova was discovered in Messier 82 (NGC 3034, the Cigar Galaxy).  Because of clouds, it took a few days for me to image it.  Here’s my first shot of M82 and the supernova.

M82 and supernova SN2014J
Details: 12x 300sec L frames, iTelecope.net‘s T11: PlaneWave 20″ CDK, Planewave Ascension 200HR, FLI ProLine PL11002M. New Mexico Skies, NM. Processed in Nebulosity and Photoshop.  Acquired 20140124 2240MST to 20140124 0040MST

Comparing to other recent photos, it looks like it’s still getting brighter.  It’s brightness is expected to increase over at least the next week.  Get out and take a look!


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